About Rust & Wicks


I am Grace Warner, owner and maker of Rust & Wicks.

I have had a passion for the candle craft since as long as I can remember.

My first memory of making candles was in 4th grade on a field trip where we dipped wicks in a big cauldron. I fell in love with the whole process. From there I went on always having a windowsill covered with candles in shapes like flowers and cacti to beautiful to burn.  There was also always the delicious smelling collection I would savor to last as long as possible. I can still remember some of those scents. I believe that memories are paired to scents, and our line reflects just that.  My memories with fragrances tied to growing up in Mendocino County and its unique microclimates. From my small town you can find cool salty ocean air at the coast, travel 5 miles to beautiful damp forests and 10  more miles to get to the dusty warm gardens you’ll see inland. This inspiration took flight after I had a reaction to a candle burning in my home. My throat was swollen and I didn't feel well, and with a little experimentation we figured out it was a cheap candle filled with chemicals. 

 I started researching candles and was shocked to discover even some of my favorites were not safe. I decided then I would start making my own. At first I used vintage containers I had lying around, like old enamel cups and tins. Then friends enjoyed them so much I made them as gifts. Until eventually adding a signature line in jars for local shops. It was then Rust & Wicks was born with all those Pacific Northwest aromas.. It has been so heart warming to watch this small candle company grow and bring so many clean, phthalate free candles to homes all over. I cannot wait to see what the future may bring.

I hope you enjoy these home decor pieces as much as I love making them!

For wholesale inquiries & questions please email us at  rustandwicks@gmail.com

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