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Finding Your Unique Fragrance to Match Your Personality

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

How to choose the right scented soy candle to match your personality to your home

I believe that scents are tied to our memories. That a scent can take us back to a moment in time. Remember that when hosting, your guest will think of you and your home whenever they come across that fragrance again. Finding a unique natural fragrance that matches your personality and home can be tricky. A farmhouse-style home and baking lover should choose a warm, inviting aroma that doesn’t clash with what’s in the oven. Or if you're outdoorsy with a rustic cabin in Northern California, you would do well to have an evergreen fragrance to represent their style and surroundings. Here are my tips on how to choose the right scent for you~

Tip #1 - Scents are Personal

Remember when choosing a scent to represent your style in your home it's as personal as choosing a scent to wear on your person. Only this scent is for your home, and all who are living in it or visiting it. This can be tricky if the people you live with don't like fragrances, or they themselves have a strong regular cologne or perfume. Find that right fit that compliments that and makes your home feel cozy to your household. This will in turn create a cozy feeling to all your guests.

Tip #2 - Choose for the Correct Room

This is key when choosing fragrances because not all fragrances are for all room shapes. A large room can hold a strong scent and it disperses nicely. I would choose a warm, toasty but strong scent such as our Apricot Tree + Honey for a great room with vaulted ceilings. A bedroom is better suited for a subtle fragrance as your usually in bed or reading in a bedroom and the air can be a little more stagnant. I would choose a slightly floral scent for my bedroom, to give it a fresh but relaxing feel. A bathroom, although smaller space, would benefit from a strong evergreen scent such as our Cedar + Cypress to bring you an uplifting clean presence bringing the outdoors in. Its all a balance between airflow, foot traffic and of course, personal preference.

Tip #3 - Set The Mood

It is important to remember that the fragrances you choose when you have company are how they will remember you. Even if you don't realize it, all homes have a signature scent, so make it a good one! If your having a dinner party, choose an inviting scent that doesn't clash with what's in the oven. If your having a study group, light or diffuse something citrusy to invoke ideas and energize the group. If you're ready to dim the lights and relax in a bubble bath I would suggest a lavender blend like our Oakmoss + Lavender to help you unwind.

Tip #4 - Time of Year

Seasons are also key in choosing the right scent for your home. I recommend buying candles according to what feels right for that time of year. As the seasons change, so do the smells that surround us. Personally I like to compliment that. The citrusy fragrance, Lemon + Succulent, that I diffused during spring is not exactly what I like to burn during the holidays when I would choose a festive fragrance like Huckleberry + Pine.

Tip #5 - Choose a Safe Candle

Finally (and I can't stress this enough) please choose a clean, phthalate free candle. Soy, Coconut, Apricot & Beeswax are the best waxes to look for. Candle companies that care about what your lighting in your home will tell you the wax they use and let you know their fragrances are phthalate and paraben free. If they don't tell you what's in them, that's not a great sign!

Choosing a candle fragrance for your home should be fun and not full of carcinogenic chemicals.

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